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Crime Scene Cleanup in Aldine, Texas

In the situation of a crime scene, suicide, or unattended death, your property will require proper clean-up due to the biohazardous contaminants that may be present.

Houston Crime Scene Cleanup has been a long-time supporter of police, fire department, and funeral homes in Aldine, Texas. When the emergency responders finish their job, then it’s time for us to ensure that you are safe from the invisible pathogens and bacteria.

Cleaning up after a homicide or blood scene is not the responsibility of the first responders or emergency services, rather that of a local crime and trauma scene remediation company. Houston Crime Scene Cleanup cleans and disinfects all biohazard scenes affected by crime scenes, medical accidents, and suicides. We service Aldine, Texas for all emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, in the event of a death, it is the responsibility of the family or business owner to have the property decontaminated. This is why we offer our emergency services in Aldine, TX.

Suicide Cleanup in Aldine, Texas

Decontamination is a necessary step after suicide. Houston Crime Scene Cleanup is one of the most preferred companies in Aldine for cleaning and decontaminating suicide scenes. We have the experience and skills needed to make your home or business clean and safe so that you are not worried about any health concerns.

We clean up after;

  • Shotgun suicides
  • Hangings
  • Drug overdoses
  • Blood
  • Medical accidents
  • Attempted suicides
  • Unattended death


Unattended Death Cleanup in Aldine, Texas

Without the proper equipment, chemicals, and training, it’s extremely dangerous to clean up after an unattended death. Not only do you run the risk of contracting infectious diseases, but you will also make the scene even worse by spreading contaminants or damaging the exposed area. Houston Crime Scene Cleanup is a highly trained, equipped, and experienced biohazard cleaning company that services Aldine, Texas. We remove all traces of blood, decontaminate the scene, and removal all human decomposition odor from the property.

Medical Accident Cleanup in Aldine, Texas

Cleaning up after a medical accident containing blood can be extremely dangerous The diseases in the blood can be infectious whether it’s human or animal. Without the proper training and experience on how to handle bloodborne pathogens, you need to use the proper equipment and chemicals to remediate all medical accident scenes. Blood should always be disposed of through a medical waste disposal company to make sure nobody comes in contact with it. Even the smallest amount of blood missed can be dangerous. Disease-causing bloodborne pathogens can include:

  • HIV / AIDS
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Since blood can carry Infectious diseases, please call Houston Crime Scene Cleanup for blood cleanup even when the amount of blood spill is small. Proper blood cleanup and disinfecting will make sure all possible contaminants have been removed and taken to a facility to be incinerated.

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Crime scene & suicide cleaning in Aldine, Texas