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Dealing with trauma and crime can be an extremely difficult task. It’s something that requires patience, sensitivity, and ample expertise as well. If you’re searching for a professional deceased cleanup service, then you can always turn to our trusted company. We specialize in trauma and crime scene remediation specialties of all varieties.Houston Crime Scene Cleanup!

We offer customers access to in-depth cleanup services that are appropriate for unattended deaths, homicides, suicides, and more. If you’re searching for experienced professionals who can provide you with meticulous cleanup services, then you can count on us. We respond to the cleanup needs of customers who are located in a number of cities surrounding Houston, TX.

What does a professional crime scene cleanup do?

Why exactly is professional cleanup service so imperative in sensitive situations? Coming into contact with biohazards can be perilous to all human beings. That’s the reason you need professional assistance from crime scene cleaning technicians who have both certification and training in the subject of cleaning service for crime scenes. If you have a crime scene on your hands, you have to make sure to clean it in an exhaustive manner.

Experienced Crime Scene Cleaners – Houston Crime Scene Cleanup

Our cleanup service exists for reasons beyond that, too. Knowledgeable technicians are well-versed in all techniques that can promote optimal health and comfort. They can also help people who are in the middle of mourning. If a person who is near and dear to you has just committed suicide, the last thing you want to do is deal with crime scene cleanup work. If you want to be able to heal in the aftermath of disturbing, unsettling, and devastating circumstances, we can provide you with the assistance you need. Our technicians have extensive expertise that pertains to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations. That’s how they’ve been able to offer our customers five-star cleaning assistance since back in 2004. We’re accessible on a 24-hour basis to serve our customers.

Houston Crime Scene Cleanup
Crime Scene Cleanup in Houston, Texas


Unattended Death Cleanup – Houston Crime Scene Cleanup

An individual dies alone and unattended if they are not discovered within a significant time after their death. It could be several days to weeks to months. Our biohazard remediation team of experts is empathetic, skilled and knowledgeable enough to handle the most difficult cases of unattended death clean up.

When you find yourself in this unsettling situation where you will have to do a post-operation work that formally belonged to an unattended death, two essential things should be well understood that tie such sad occurrence together. First of all, there is need for basic understanding on the risks associated with identifying an unattended death. Secondly, biohazard remediation or cleanup process during unattended death are the aspects to focus about.

The procedure

We will remove any bio-hazardous waste that may have gotten onto carpet, wooden floors and subflooring and other surfaces in the affected area. For undamaged sealed flooring, we can clean it and sanitize without removing it from its position. If fluids of blood or bodies go through into the subflooring then this means that those particular areas’ flooring have to be taken away so as to clear it out and confine any biological elements within its confines.

Smells in your living environment can significantly be reduced by making use of this cleaning process additionally; we render the services of odor treatment including machine treatments and fogging if they are needed. We ensure thorough sanitization by using industrial cleaners that surpass hospital grade disinfection.

We help put this behind you quickly and efficiently.