Houston Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime is a major issue in large cities. Houston, where violent crimes are nearly 150% higher than the national average, isn't the safest place to live. If your family, or your business, find themselves in a situation where a crime has been committed in the home or business, there are often biological contaminants left behind that are a hazard to anyone who enters the area without proper protection. This is not a situation where a mop and household cleaning agents are sufficient. You need professionals with the proper equipment and training to deal with the removal, sanitation, and disposal of this hazardous material.

A crime scene can be the most tragic thing we can experience in life, especially if it is a friend or family member.  Houston Crime Scene Cleanup is here to assist families and businesses in the Greater Houston Area with professional, caring, and thorough crime scene cleanup.  We are available 24 hours a day to remove biohazards consisting of blood and other body fluids found at the scene along with the visual image of the event.

Houston Biohazard Remediation Specialists

We are specially trained and equipped to handle just about any hazardous material whether chemical or biological. Dangerous chemical and biological contaminants shouldn't be handled by anyone who doesn't possess the proper training and equipment. Leaving anything at all behind can have very serious consequences for anyone who enters the affected area. In the case of chemicals, such as an area used to create substances like methamphetamine, the chemicals used are extremely volatile and can react violently if not handled and disposed of properly. People who fabricate these substances often don't use their own property. They use a rental or a structure on a rural property. If you find what you suspect is such a lab on your property, first call the police, then call us. Don't attempt to handle the materials yourself. The in case of biological contaminants, whether human, or animal, special procedures need to be observed in the containment, removal, and transportation of biological materials. Tissues and fluids not only leave a foul odor, but there's a high health risk due to infection from pathogens. Viruses are not living organisms. Viruses are RNA or DNA packaged in a protein shell that is designed to interface with certain cells in a host and inject its contents into the host cell. Thereby making a copy of itself to repeat the process. Viruses can remain in a dormant state for weeks, months, and sometimes years waiting for an opportunity to infect a host. Viruses aren't the only danger with biological material. There's also harmful bacteria, and noxious chemicals released from decay to contend with. Don't risk your health, and the health of others who enter the area, as well as anyone you come into contact by attempting to improperly handle these substances. We are able to sanitize the area and render it safe again, or we wouldn't be doing this. Whether the situation is a crime scene, suicide, unattended death, or wild animal urine and fecal matter, please let a professional handle it! Contact us!